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Xiaomi 小米 Air Purifiers Made in China


Xiaomi millet air purifier 2S air purifier

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  • The screen brightness is automatically adjusted and the night is not disturbed

The light sensor on the 2S air purifier will automatically sense the ambient light changes, and the screen will adjust the brightness. In the night, let you not be affected by the light source, and sleep well.

  • Adding an OLED display that is highly efficient and pure to see

Upgrade the OLED screen to more accurately display real-time PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity, Wi-Fi connection and working mode, and keep abreast of indoor air quality changes to make the inhaled air quality visible.

  • Three-layer filtering, layer-by-layer efficiency

Integrated 360° barrel filter, three layers of purification.

The primary filter screen intercepts large particle suspensions such as hair, dust, and the like.

The second layer of Japan Toray H11 high-efficiency filter removes tiny particles as small as micron and blocks pathogenic bacteria.

The third layer of high-quality activated carbon can efficiently absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde and effectively remove odors from the air.

New RFID smart filter identification, simplifying the cumbersome daily operation reset, the original filter certification to ensure the clean effect.

  • High-precision laser sensor, more sensitive and precise

High-precision laser sensor, the Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S has a pair of "Goggles", which can be seen to be as small as 0.3 μm [1]

The microscopic world accurately reflects air quality instantly. The eyes are glaring, and the impurities are invisible.

  • Particles CADR up to 310m3/h, room air is new

The high-efficiency air boosting system we designed makes Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S small in size and high in performance. The CADR value of particulate matter is up to 310m3/h, and the applicable area is 21~37m2.

  • Xiaomi Mijia APP Intelligent Control

Use the Mijia APP to freely control the Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S. Instantly check the air quality changes in the outdoor and home; adjust the most suitable working mode according to the indoor area; the temperature and humidity sensing function provides more health tips; the timed automatic power on, let the clean air fill the entire room.

When the filter life expires, it will automatically remind you that the phone will place an order with one button.

  • Mute does not interfere, save energy and low power

In order to reduce the noise generated by wind resistance, we have carefully designed every part of the wind. The sleep mode, like the breeze, is almost imperceptible. It is custom-made Japanese Nidec motor, which is only 4.8W in normal working mode and consumes less power than energy-saving bulbs.

  • Product Specifications

Product size 240mm × 240 mm × 520 mm

The product weighs about 4.5Kg (including filter element)

Purification capacity 310m3/h

Applicable area 21m2 ~ 37m2

Rated power 29W

Standby power ≤ 2W

Rated input AC 100-240 V

Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz

This product is a parallel imported product, two-pin plug, no maintenance