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風車出版 Windmill Puzzles Made in China Age 3+

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Windmill Publishing Windmill Young Intelligence Puzzle Taiwan Import


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Product Features:

Children's familiar cars, trains, planes, ships and four vehicle panels series, intrusive puzzle design, training children's image memory, learning shape and combination ability.

1. vibrant Jiaotonggongju puzzle, stimulate early childhood visual development
use vibrant colors, let your baby easily recognizable, combination, color recognition ability to stimulate children's hand-eye coordination, and promote brain Potential development.

2. Cognitive help children learn colors and shapes, and to cultivate a combination of ability. You can let the baby know the circular shape and other basic shapes before distinguishing the irregular patterns.

3. Let the children first cognitive graphics and lovely tone can teach your baby, go for car windows, and so on, let the children easy to use.
■ Product Features
1. Use creative imagination to promote hand-eye coordination.
2. Multiple intelligent combination to promote the development of brain potential.
3. Safe and non-toxic water-based pigments to protect your baby's small hands.
◆Please use it with your guardian to avoid accidental eating of children under 2 years old.
◆ Do not throw or hit the head with blocks to avoid injury to children.
■ Product Specifications
[windmill] young intelligence board
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading age: 3 years old
bar code: 4714426206088
size: 15 * 15 * 1
Pages : 5 pieces, color
Published: January 2018