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Product Features:
contains a number of children's songs of the first population, with color guides, small hands can also play beautiful tunes.
My Music Piano Book
My Music Piano Book
My Music Piano Book
My Music Piano Book
My Music Piano Book
■ Introduction
Play music with color, and children can become masters of small compositions!
The children's songs of the first population are included, with color guides, and small hands can play beautiful tunes.
With both hearing and vision, knowing the origins of colors, notes, and famous children's songs, and enjoying detailed and elegant illustrations, let children not only play music, but also a good book for music and art appreciation.

When parents and children are reading together, parents can use color to compose music, play with children, and even children can try to emulate their own colors and play them!
This time the British Chinese version of the exclusive Chinese version of the blue piano book is very different!
His appearance is more like a book model, not so heavy and easy to carry, and there are switches that are not afraid of electric leakage. The design of the keys is flat. No matter whether it is black or white, there are nine songs in the book. The songs are all piano sounds with beautiful sounds.
■ Book Features
※ Simplify the concept of basic music theory, let the children have no pressure, like making new companions, happy to know triplets, chords and so on.
※Overage music book, with the background of world famous songs, the big children also have fun.
※Simulated piano sound, small ears to enjoy the music game with texture.
※Color cognition is fun, try to identify colors in infancy, and advanced to match the color of the keys and the inner pages in the early childhood.
■ About the Author
Sam Taplin is a multi-character of music composers, literary writers and children's book editors. He has published a variety of music game books, story sound books, etc. for infants and toddlers, as well as personal music albums. The release is talented.

Player's Introduction
Rachel Stubbs Rachel Stubbs

Like trying to match various media, combining traditional brushwork and digital techniques to create countless delicate and warm picture books and drawings.
Love nature's theme, retro style children's books, crafts, and exquisite patterns.
Drawing covers and illustrations for countless print magazines and books, and also good at designing cards, invitations, etc.
■ Product Specifications
[Viking International] My Music Piano Book
Publisher: Viking International, Inc.
Author: Sam Taplin ˙ / painted by: Rachel ˙ Sitabusi
appropriate reading ages: 0-6 years old
bar code: 9789862037607
Size: 24*26.3cm
Number of pages: 24 pages, hardcover, color
Publishing time: February 2018
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