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風車出版 Windmill Books Made in China Age 2+

SKU: 4714426204145

Windmill Publishing Windmill Traffic Puzzle Small Building Blocks - FOOD Superman

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■ Product Description
1. Large size and good grip, shake and make a sound -5 cm large size six-area wood, the baby is good to grasp, gently shake, will also send out The sound attracts the attention of low-child babies.
2. Bright colors, stimulate children's visual development - use vivid colors to make the baby easy to identify, piece together, stimulate children's color recognition ability, hand-eye coordination ability, and promote the brain's potential development.
3. Six-sided small puzzles to promote children's multiple thinking - not only flat puzzles, but also small three-dimensional blocks, so that children can find the correct arrangement according to the clues in the pattern, stimulate multiple thinking, improve IQ.

★Warm reminder:
1. Please use it with your guardian to avoid accidental eating of children under 2 years old.
2. Do not throw or hit the head with blocks to avoid injury to the child.
■ Product Specifications [windmill] FOOD Superman transportation puzzle blocks
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill Bianji Bu
appropriate reading Age: 2 Over the age
Barcode: 4714426204145
Size: 16.3*10.9*5.3cm
Pages:-page, color, boxed
Publishing time: November 2014