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風車出版 Windmill Bath Toys Made in China Age 3+

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Windmill Publishing Windmill Bathroom Painted Crayons 6 Branches Taiwan Imports 3+

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Product introduction:
  • Colorful, fun and good!
  • Retractable and easy to use!
  • Clean in water and wipe easily!
Product Features:
  • Water-soluble material, can be painted on the bathroom tile or smooth material surface, safe and non-toxic, without harming the skin.
Bright colors, saturated colors, let children create:
  • The crayons with full color not only satisfy the children's graffiti interest, but the saturated colors can make the children sway and create more colorful works.
Round crayon with a diameter of 1.4CM, good grip and easy to break:
  • The rounded pen body, the child's small hand can be well held, can also protect the crayons, do not have to worry about the child smearing a smear and break.
Water-soluble materials, breaking through the limitations of painting on paper:
  • You can paint on the bathroom tiles or smooth materials, so that the range of painting is no longer limited to paper, so children can enjoy the joy of painting.
Passed the European and American inspection standards, absolutely safe and non-toxic:
  • Safety and non-toxicity through the EU EN71 test, harmless to the skin, children can not only draw happy, more playful peace of mind.
Cleaning instructions:
  • After painting on tiles or smooth surfaces, wipe with a sponge dampened with water.
  • Draw on the skin surface and rinse with water or soap.
  • When contaminated clothing, soak it in warm water and then wash it with a neutral detergent.
Product Specifications
  • Publishing Club: Windmill Book Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Author: Windmill editorial group
  • Reading age: 3 years old or older
  • Barcode: 4714426203292
  • Size: 24x15x3.5cm
  • 6 crayons: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green + cute dolphin modeling sponge
  • Crayon material: soap, water, edible toner
  • Published: August 2013

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