Windmill Publishing Windmill Baby Good Habit Character Story Set 10 books 1CD Taiwan Import 0-6 years old

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Product introduction:
  • Simple and easy-to-follow stories let the baby understand the importance of safety in life, enhance the usual responsiveness, and learn wisdom everywhere in life.
  • Including colorful pictures and large fonts, with carefully recorded story CDs, let the baby grow up happily through lively and vivid presentation!
  • Each story is accompanied by a "parent and child", so that Mom and Dad can tell the baby by telling stories, and remind the baby of the truth of each story.
Product Features:
  • The font is clear and easy to read: A clear font containing phonetic transcriptions, allowing children to learn to read words by reading stories.
  • The story of life close to the story: simple and close to the story of the child's life, from the story to the life, let the children learn from the happy story content.
  • A lively and vivid story: brightly colored illustrations, lively and lively CDs, and interesting and interesting stories to accompany your baby's happy growth.
  • Parent and child's intimate reminder: With a warm "family and child", the intimate life reminder allows parents to learn the wisdom of life through storytelling and jealousy.

Inside page preview:

It’s great to play together – share happiness

  • The duckling has a car, driving it around to go for a ride! The little monkey saw it and felt envious. "Duckling! Let me drive your car!" I didn't expect the duckling to squat and said, "No! What should I do if I crash?" Then, "Oh!" Just left...

Little white cat loves to draw – don’t just doodle

  • The little white cat loves to paint. It is very happy to get a new color pen. Where is it to be painted? I saw the wall, helped me draw a little bit of little circles, painted small fish, small flowers, and one line on the floor. The kittens were so happy that they painted everything. ...

Who is a good role model? Clean and tidy everyone loves

  • In the forest, the animals gather for a meeting, and everyone discusses to choose a good example for everyone to learn. The crow is dark, never take a shower and change clothes, don't choose it! The eagle's nail tip is long, I don't know how many bacteria are hidden, and I don't choose it! So, who is the good example for everyone?

Little monkeys who don’t want to sleep? Go to bed early and get up early.

  • It’s dark, sleep time is up. The little monkey still doesn't want to sleep. He runs east and turns west. He wants to find a friend to come out and play together! Who are you looking for? Find a little goat! "Little goat! Little goat! Come and hide with me." As a result, will friends come out to play with the little monkey?

Doing physical exercise – I am a healthy baby

  • The little cock is a healthy baby. Early in the morning, the sun came out, the little cock got up and did morning exercises, twisting on the left and moving on the right. Then pat on the left side and pat on the right side. Both wings are stretched out. After stretching, the left leg kicks and the right leg kicks. The pair of calves are really powerful! What are the benefits of a cock doing sports?

Baby elephant brushing your teeth – say goodbye to your teeth

  • The elephant mother is gentle and beautiful. She has a long nose and a sharp, white and bright tooth. Elephant mother keeps the teeth beautifully, that is, brush up the teeth in the morning, brush on the brush, brush on the lower brush; brush the teeth before going to bed, brush on the left and brush on the right, and the elephants will learn to brush their teeth together!

The bear eats honey – wash things with food

  • The little bear likes to eat honey because honey is delicious. The bear opened a can of honey to eat, made a small hand sticky, the bear could not find a place to rub, actually rubbed on the sleeves, wiped and wiped off, the small hand sticky, the sleeves are sticky, covered What about sticky?

Little Turtle Sending Letters - I am not afraid of hard work

  • The little turtle is a small postman in the forest. There is a letter to be given to a bear aunt who lives far away, so he gets up early in the morning and goes out to send a letter. "Snoring!" A gust of wind blew, and the little turtle still tried to move forward. "Pattern!" It rained. How did the little turtle hide from the rain? See what good way he has?

It’s all the trouble of watermelon skin - the garbage is not littered

  • It’s the coolest to eat watermelon in summer! The pig bought a large basket of watermelon and shook it home. When I was halfway, I felt tired and my mouth was a little bit thirsty. The pig decided to sit down and taste the big watermelon. The big watermelon juice is very sweet and very delicious. After the piglet has finished eating, the watermelon skin is handed over....

Greedy pigs - don't eat too much

  • The big round table is filled with a lot of hearty food. There are a few delicious bugs in the chicken's plate, and there are a few delicious fish in the cat's dish. It looks delicious! The pig also has food on his own, but he gorges himself and eats enough after eating. What happens to the greedy pig?
Product Specifications:
  • Publishing Club: Windmill Book Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Reading age: 0-6 years old
  • Set contents: 10 books, CD x 1 (Mandarin)
  • Size: 21.8*21.2*3.8cm
  • Published: 2012-10-23