Windmill Publishing Windmill Seabed Adventure. Shark raid

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■ Product Introduction
※Amazon Children's Animal Books Customer Reviews 5 Star Ratings★★★★★

In 3D! Your child's favorite marine hunter
This book will allow children to get in touch with the coolest predators in the sea.
The shark is one of the world's oldest and most fascinating creatures, about 400 species. Children can learn different kinds of sharks - where they live, what they eat, how old they are, how many teeth they have and so on.

This book takes children and the top ten sharks to learn about the world's most feared and safest sharks.
There is a 3D glasses on the cover. Let all the immersive pictures in the book show a stunning 3D scene.

Contents/Gifts: This book is accompanied by a pair of 3D glasses, and the cover of the book is a 3D card.
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] Undersea Adventures·Shark Raids
Publisher: windmill Books Publishing Co.
author: Lisa Regan / Translator: Chen Huijing
appropriate reading age: 3 years old
bar code: 9789862234532
size: 21.5 * 28.2 * 0.5cm
Pages: 49 pages, color, paperback
Publishing time: December 2017