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Product Profile
Let the baby after the age of two play a sticker game, can train hand-eye coordination and hand muscle development, can repeat the stickers, baby is happier!

The five major gameplays are super fun, making the sticker book unique!

1. Stickers: Stick different decorative stickers according to the situation.
2. Coloring: Paint beautiful colors in black and white illustrations.
3. Lianliankan: In order to connect, what will be drawn?
4. Free painting: According to the topic, draw the pattern as you like.
5. Take the maze: Train your child to write, observe and focus.
Commodity Features
1. Baby's first must-have sticker book
After the baby is over one year old, the hands will become more and more dexterous, then let them do more The activities of the ministry can stimulate the development of the brain.

While freely sticking stickers, it can also enhance your baby's imagination and creativity.

2. Promote the development of language, emotion, intelligence and body through stickers!
The book contains a lot of basic learning content that the baby must know to help the development of emotions and intelligence. The action of tearing off and pasting the sticker can train the coordination of hand and eye and the development of hand muscles.
The magical stickers of "Paste and Tear off" can be repeated. Even if you accidentally misplace the wrong place, you can tear it off and reapply without leaving glue.

3. Strengthen the growth of concentration and intelligence!
In addition to the sticker game, the book also contains small games such as coloring, painting, Lianliankan, and labyrinth to help improve the concentration and intelligence of the baby.