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Garmin Watches Made in China 1 Year Warranty

SKU: 010-01985-20

Garmin Vivoactive 3M GPS Music Multifunction Watch

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Product Features:

Garmin Vivoactive 3M GPS music multi-function watch allows you to easily store about 500 songs in your watch, add offline music, connect to Bluetooth headset and enjoy music at any time, you can listen while you exercise In addition to the music, you have to worry about carrying your smartphone with you. In addition, the built-in Garmin Pay feature allows you to complete your payment with a single swipe. With more than 15 sport modes built in, most sports are easy to play, and you can download or customize your training program to help you improve your performance.

GPS Smart Sports Payment Watch Music Edition

  • Easily store about 500 songs in your watch. After connecting a Bluetooth headset (sold separately), you can enjoy music at any time.
  • Garmin PayTM NFC Inductive Payments, you can complete the payment without a phone.
  • With Connect IQ, you can download personalized dials, gadgets, data fields, applications, and more, and customize your own vívactive 3 Music.
  • More than 15 sports modes, whether it is running, cycling, golf and other outdoor sports, swimming, yoga, elliptical machines and other indoor sports, can easily be competent. You can also download or customize your training program to help you improve your athletic performance.
  • Measure a variety of physiological indicators, including all-day pressure scores, maximum oxygen uptake, physical age, etc., to visualize your health.
  • The battery lasts up to 7 days, and the music is still available for 5 hours in GPS mode.
  • vívoactive 3 Music, which adds offline music to vívoactive 3, you can download music directly to your watch and enjoy offline music during your workout. Built-in wrist optical heart rate, more than 15 sports modes to meet your daily needs. GPS helps you record motion trajectories and motion data. Vívoactive 3 Music, let you wear music and exercise at your heart.

Offline music playback

  • The ability to store more than 500 songs* The actual song size varies depending on the size and format of the music. vívoactive 3 Music helps you challenge yourself yesterday through music.
  • You can use Garmin Connect's computer or mobile software to put music into your watch, and then listen to music through your Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth headsets are sold separately).

Garmin Pay

  • vívoactive 3 Music cooperated with China UnionPay to launch the Garmin Pay NFC inductive payment function.
  • After adding a bank card through Garmin Connect, you can complete the payment by raising your hand. Whether you want to buy a bottle of drink along the way, or breakfast on the way to work, you don't need to open the app on your phone to complete the payment with your watch.

Connect IQ

  • You can customize your own vívoactive 3 Music by downloading personalized dials, gadgets, data fields, applications, and more, such as downloading a Ninja dial, or a lunar calendar.

Multiple sports modes

  • Built in more than 15 sports modes. Whether it's outdoor sports such as running, cycling, golf, or indoor sports such as swimming, yoga, and elliptical machines, it's easy to do.
  • The built-in GPS records your movements and various sports data.

Applicable to a variety of different environments

  • The swimming level is waterproof, so you can use it safely regardless of swimming or cold water. Equipped with Garmin Chroma display, it is clearly visible even under strong light.
  • Want to wear comfortable, easy-to-use, clear-cut sports health management equipment? Vívoactive 3 Music is the place for you.

Create and download training plans

  • Support a variety of training programs such as running, swimming, cycling, strength training, aerobics, etc. on mobile or computer software.
  • It can also be obtained directly at good speed. The plan can be stored directly in the watch, and the watch reminder is obtained in time, and the watch monitors whether the indicators in the exercise process are achieved, just like private education.

Measurement of physiological indicators

  • ElevateTM wrist-based optical heart rate technology, in addition to heart rate values, vívoactive 3 Music can also measure a variety of physiological indicators such as maximum oxygen uptake, all-day pressure scores. As an important indicator of health indicators, maximal oxygen uptake allows you to learn more about your health.
  • All-day stress scores allow you to visually see your body's stress, rest and schedule new training programs, work and rest, and stay healthy.

Bluetooth phone connection

  • After connecting to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can get smart notifications such as mobile phone calls, SMS, WeChat, etc., and reply via pre-made SMS (Android phone only).
  • Use the LiveTrack feature to keep your friends and family informed about your location and activity.
  • After completing the event, the device will automatically upload and save the event information to the Garmin Connect online sports community.

Share and contest

  • Garmin Connect is not only able to upload and save your activity history, but also a vibrant community.
  • Through the challenge and competition features, you can compete with your friends, encourage each other, or share your achievements through social media.

Other Information:

  • One year maintenance
  • Product size: 43.1 x 43.1 x 13.6 mm for wrist circumference 127-204 mm
  • Weight: 39g
  • Waterproof rating: swimming available, 5ATM
  • Screen type: Touch screen
  • Readable in sunlight: semi-transparent reflective screen
  • Screen size: 1.2"
  • Screen resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Battery life: 7 days in watch mode and 5 hours in GPS+ music mode.
  • Event storage: 7 activity data, 14 days daily activity tracking data

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