vistic essential oil diffuser for vehicles essential oil refill pack 15ml Korean brand

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Style: No. 12 Sweet Grapefruit

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Product Features:

  • Busy daily life often requires some healing small things to season for life, the favorite aroma is lingering, injecting a delicate texture into the keen senses, introducing aroma warmth for every ordinary day
  • Meeting the most beautiful fragrance, not only the common perfume or spray, vistic from Korea is dedicated to changing the past perception of fragrance with unique design
  • vistic, which is based in Korea, is an aroma brand that pursues life-oriented design. It actively seeks change, hopes to improve the quality of life, pursues the human-centered life value, and insists on using the highest quality raw materials to create a product that combines beauty and functionality. To make the aroma an indispensable taste for everyday life
  • The exterior of the series is covered with the EU-certified Danish kvadrat eco-friendly textile fabric, which prevents the color dyeing function and durability.
  • The aroma is available in 3 different styles of essential oils, all from the Swiss Givaudan brand:
    • Black No.9 – Musk: Sage mixed with musk, neutral and restrained charm;
    • Pink No.12 – Grapefruit: Taste the summer subtropical grapefruit, bringing the soft sweet aroma of Florida;
    • Blue No.17 – Cedar: Cedar, peony extract mix, cold and dry, with aromas to bring a clean atmosphere

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