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Verbatim Travel Converters & Adapters Made in China 2 Years Warranty

SKU: 65685

Verbatim 5 Ports Travel Charger

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Product Features:

  • Flexible plug design with built-in 4 international plugs
    • Using a retractable plug design, built-in 4 international conversion plugs, including European, British, American and Australian regulations, allowing users to easily travel to more than 150 countries around the world
  • Equipped with wide voltage AC international jack
    • Supports all AC plugs*, including MacBook Pro, Switch original charger, and instantly used as an international plug-in
  • Smart Charging smart charging technology
    • The charger has one Type C port and four USB regular ports. With smart charging technology, each port automatically detects the connected devices and distributes the most stable and suitable current to provide the best charging speed and Performance
  • Built-in spare 8A fuse for double protection
    • When the current is overloaded, the fuse will be automatically cut off to ensure the safety of the user and the electrical appliance. The 8A fuse is also attached to the device for instant replacement and double protection
  • With a universal storage bag for easy storage
    • Use the included universal storage bag to protect the charger from being scratched and easy to carry around
  • Multinational security certification and 4 protection design
    • Acquired IEC60950 (Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department), FCC (United States), CE (EU), E1703 (Australia) international safety certification, and purchased global product liability insurance, with 4 anti-protection design - anti-overcurrent, anti-over Short circuit, over voltage protection, overheat protection, quality and stability

Other Information:

  • Product Size: 73.1 x 53.4 x 52.8 mm
  • Product Weight: 145g
  • Input voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz/0.8A
  • DC total output: 5V/5.6A maximum
  • USB regular port: 4x2.4A max
  • Type C regular output: 5V/3A maximum
  • AC maximum power: 110V – 880W; 230V – 1840W
  • Fuse blow rating: 8A
  • Maintenance period: 1 year
  • *Do not use appliances that exceed the specified power, AC110V - up to 880W; AC230V - up to 1840W

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