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vacuumsaver Food Storage Containers Made in Taiwan

SKU: CVS0A03-01P4

vacuumsaver Clicka Series Vacuum Plastic Storage Bag Set Made in Taiwan

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vacuumsaver Clicka Series Vacuum Plastic Bag Set Made in Taiwan Hong Kong licensed (2 models)

Product Features:

  • 100% vacuum storage, completely isolated from air and moisture, preventing food from coming into contact with air, oxidizing or inhaling moisture, causing mildew
  • Easy operation, just put the pumping rod on the glue plug, take the air up and down a few times, and pull out the air when you open it. Just press the glue plug to release the air. >
  • Advanced double leak proof design, double protection, 100% leak proof
  • After vacuum, it can extend the shelf life of food, store fresh fruits and vegetables, dried food, whole grains, soup, etc., prevent food from becoming damp and germs, and store tea, coffee, etc. to preserve its rich flavor.
  • High-performance vacuum technology extends your food by 5 times storage time
  • High temperature resistance and unique vacuum shutter design to place the whole box in the microwave oven
  • Used in microwave ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. Can be used in conjunction with food packaging in the market
  • Global patent design. Made in Taiwan

Other Information:

  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • How to use: Put the food that needs to be fresh into the bag and divide the valve into two. One is locked on the inside and the other is aligned on the outside. Then seal the opening with a sealing clip and seal the air in the bag with a suction rod to complete the preservation.
  • Precautions:
    • Pay attention to whether the valve is aligned
    • Pay attention to whether the sealing clip is sealed
    • If the food is fragile, such as biscuits, etc., you need to keep some air. Avoid vacuum pressure and crush the food.
    • Before vacuum packaging powdered ingredients, such as flour, milk powder, fine salt granulated sugar, etc., please put the powdered food into another bag (not to be sealed) before loading the bag to be fitted with the air valve to prevent When pumping, the powder will also be taken out
  • Package and size:
    • Set one:
      • 1 vacuum pumping rod
      • 3 transparent storage bags (170 x 270 mm)
      • 3 patented design valves
      • 3 sealing clips
    • Set 2:
      • 1 vacuum pumping rod
      • 3 transparent storage bags (170 x 270 mm)
      • 5 patented design air valves
      • 3 sealing clips