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Wpc. Parasols & Rain Umbrellas Made in China

SKU: UN-104-GY

W.P.C Unnurella Biz Japan Drip Non-stick Automatic Switch Folding Umbrella

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Product Features:

  • Automatic switch function
  • Super water-repellent fiber fabric, shake off the water drops on the umbrella
  • Lightweight and easy to carry after storage
  • The ribs are made of sturdy fiberglass and are not afraid of being blown.
  • 99% anti-UV, daily sun protection can also be combined
  • Empty drying, storage will not wet things
  • Umbrella cloth made of ultra-high density water-repellent material, good quality

Other Information:

  • Size: 60cm (after storage: 30cm)
  • Weight: 380g
  • Material: Polyester

Cleaning and maintenance methods:

  1. Open the umbrella to wash the dirt and dust on the surface (use warm water better)
  2. After cleaning, dry in the shade
  3. After drying, use an iron or a hairdryer to heat the umbrella surface at medium temperature.


*High temperature will damage the fiber of the umbrella
*Do not apply temperature or pressure for a long time
*Do not use steam to apply temperature
*This product is not maintained

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