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Suchprice® Premium Price STL Steel Dumbbell with 30cm Connector

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Weight: 15kg
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  • Steel dumbbells (coated on the outer edge), not easy to rust
  • 12-corner design, non-slip anti-rolling
  • Do not loosen the pressure nut to fix the dumbbells
  • With 30CM connector, it can be assembled into a bell.
  • With a dumbbell box for easy storage

*Because the goods have a certain weight, if you take it yourself, please bring your own vehicle and other vehicles. *

Please note:
The weights indicated below are not the total weight of the dumbbells, but the total weight of all the parts added.
(Total weight = Dumbbell piece + connector + handle)

Each item includes 2 dumbbell rods that can be assembled into a pair of dumbbells or a single dumbbell as needed.

For example: Buy a 20KG and assemble it yourself into a 10KG dumbbell or a 20KG dumbbell.

*The dumbbell patch allocation table indicated in the figure below is for reference only. The supplier has the right to change the detailed configuration without further notice, and can not be used as the reason for the return of the goods. Please pay attention. *

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