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Somnia breathable latex memory foam mattress 20cm thick

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Size: Single | 36" x 72" | 91 x 183cm
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Somnia wants to bring the enjoyment of sleep to everyone. Our mattresses are designed for Asians and are suitable for anyone with any size, sleeping position or sleeping habits.

Somnia's product development team has spent a lot of research and testing to create a mattress that is best for Asians.

After research and testing, we have used a combination of high-breathable latex, cool high-recovery memory sponge and medium-hardened sponge to ensure that each layer is effective and ensures full support.

The first layer of the Somnia mattress is made of high quality, breathable latex. The high-breathable latex has good resilience and effectively balances the weight of the human body, helping to fit the human body and keeping the spine in a natural arc.

The core of the mattress uses a cool high-recovery memory sponge, which has high air permeability, fast moisture absorption and moisture wicking, and the back is not close to the bed for a long time, and it is not sultry, comfortable and refreshing.

The third layer of the mattress is made of medium-hardened sponge. The softness and support of the sponge are perfectly balanced to achieve the perfect sleep quality.

The Somnia mattress is designed to help reduce the pressure on the neck, neck and ankles, regardless of any sleeping position, and improve sleep quality. The mattress structure can alleviate the disturbances caused by your actions while sleeping and your partner's sleep, avoiding pressure conduction through the mattress, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a good night's sleep.

The mattress is especially suitable for warm and humid environments. It can effectively ventilate and dehumidify on hot summer nights, keeping the user's body fresh and comfortable.

By reducing transportation warehousing and renting costs, Somnia brings the best price to the user and the economy is the first choice.

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