Skip Hop Zoo Smart Serve Plate & Bowl Set Cute Zoo Cutlery Set More than 6 months American Brand

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Product Features:

  • Designed to encourage young children to eat independently, the three-disc bowl set is perfect for training children to eat themselves
  • The uniquely designed detachable and cute ear shape disc side. When feeding with a fork spoon, the food will fall on the fork and spoon of the child, and will remain in the bowl and will not fall on the table or the ground. /li>
  • The three-piece suit consists of two compartments with separate compartments and separate translucent bowls. The small bowl can also be placed in the dish
  • The detachable cute ear shape disc can be installed and removed as needed, and the non-slip bottom prevents the dishes from slipping away
  • Reducing mess when you dine from this baby
  • The detachable cute ear shape disc side, assisting the child to use the fork spoon to eat food independently, it will not be dirty.
  • The small bowl just fits on the dish
  • Slip bottom
  • Microwave and dishwashers
  • BPA free, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Phthalate

Other Information:

  • Age: 6 months or more
  • Three-piece suit including separate discs, translucent bowls and detachable cute ear styling discs
  • Size: Disc: 17.8 Width x 3.8 Diameter x 19.7 Height; Bowl: 16.5 Width x 3.8 Diameter x 10.2 Height (cm)