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Product Features:

  • The red mini microphone allows children to sing and sing spontaneously and cultivate music literacy.
  • Give the child the most auditory training to promote the child's whole brain development.
  • With the use of music, it can enhance the coordination of children's hands, eyes and brain.
  • The teaching function of karaoke and small piano is the best partner for children to learn music.
  • The music picture book with karaoke and small piano, the most diversified teaching function, is the best partner for children to learn music!
  • A unique mini microphone for the kids’ own singing stage
  • The exclusive and innovative red mini microphone allows the baby to sing 15 songs with the music to create a favorite stage for children!
  • 4 kinds of instrument sound effects, fully stimulate children's auditory senses and body rhythm
  • Piano, accordion, xylophone and flute sound effects of the four instruments, press to change the sound effect of the keys, let the baby freely choose the instrument you like, play a unique song!
  • Funny fun virginity, let the baby play self-singing easily
  • Drawing radishes, butterflies, happy birthdays...Selecting the most familiar children's songs of 15 little babies, can also cause the little baby to learn to play and let the baby cultivate music literacy in a happy environment.
  • Colorful note names, easy to understand, easy to pop up nice music
  • Each piece of music has a clear note mark, which corresponds to the note on the key, so that the baby can play the piece with the mark on the score, stimulate the child's hand-eye coordination ability, and effectively develop the brain potential of the child.

  • With a rich and rich sheet music book, give your baby a rich visual enjoyment
  • With the beautiful illustration of the lyrics, enrich the baby's visual enjoyment, let the children know the scores and lyrics while watching, and improve the children's EQ and IQ while singing.
  • 6 A sense of accomplishment for young children, parent-child interaction is closer
  • Parents can sing along with their children to sing together the fun and fun virginity, increase their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, and enhance the intimate interaction between parents and children.
  • Notes: 1. Please use it with your guardian to prevent your child from eating this product. 2. Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time. 3. Do not place the product in a hot or humid place or touch the fire source.

Other Information:

  • Publishing Club: Windmill Book Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Author: Windmill editorial group
  • Reading age: 3 years old or older
  • Barcode:4714426203025
  • Size: 22.8*20cm
  • Pages: 32
  • Published: January 2013
I love to sing a small piano picture bookI love singing small piano picture book