Ginger Heart Ginger Black Date Ginger Vinegar Taiwan Brand 500ml

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Product Features:
  • Strictly selected 100 years old brewing method
  • Wait for one year of alcoholization, then add black dates and brown sugar, and taste sweet and sour
  • Free of chemical additives, preservatives; contains antioxidants, rich in amino acids
  • Nutrition, post-month nutritional supplement, beauty and beauty

Other Information:

  • Main ingredients: Natural aged ginger vinegar (water, glutinous rice, wheat, salt), black dates, brown sugar
  • Product Description: Ginger promotes intestinal gastrointestinal motility, improves digestion, promotes metabolism, and eliminates fatigue; vinegar contains antioxidants and is rich in amino acids; black dates are added to thirst, and brown sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals. Drinking ginger vinegar, raising beauty, promoting blood circulation, replenishing drinks during women's months/sitting during the month, and alleviating the morning sickness of dizziness. Please be careful not to overdose
  • Drinking method: Warm and warm to warm up → 10 cc ginger vinegar + add 50 cc warm water or black tea 1:5, get up in the morning to boost the spirit, drink ice and ice → 25 cc ginger vinegar + add 250 Cc water or ice water 1:10, drink after dinner to help digestion
  • How to use: For the first time, please hold the bottle with one hand and hold the wooden cover with the other hand. Hold it and shake it up and down. Do not turn it off, the plug will be separated from the wooden cover. Please turn the wooden cover back again and open it in the correct way
  • Note: Don't overdrink
  • Save: Please place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, so as not to deteriorate...

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