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黃色小鴨 PiyoPiyo Nursing & Feeding


Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo newborn double-rotating milk powder cans made in Taiwan

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Product Information:

  • Save time to brew milk every time you brew, it is very convenient to brew when you go out or late at night!
  • It can measure two parts of milk powder, and it is convenient to brew when going out or feeding late at night.
  • The transparent milk powder cover can be seen inside.
  • The colander type bottle mouth: When the milk powder is poured into the bottle, it will not be spilled out of the bottle.
Other information:
  • Material: Bottle/Top Cover-P.P. Spoon Leak-P.S.
  • Heat resistance: P.P.:-20 ̊C ~ 120 ̊C P.S.:-20 ̊C ~ 80 ̊C

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