Yellow Duckling PiyoPiyo Yellow Duck Mommy Creamy PES Anti-flatulence Bottle Taiwanese

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Capacity: 140ml

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Product Features:

  • Medical grade raw materials, light texture, drop resistance, heat resistance up to 180 degrees C!
  • The lightness of a plastic bottle and the peace of mind of a glass bottle.
  • PES bottle light brown color No added coloring material is the original color of PES material itself, without adding any coloring material, it is the highest quality color. Does not contain bisphenol A (environmental hormone) that interferes with endocrine.
  • PES is a polyester material widely used in medical equipment. The bottle is approved by the US Food Inspection Bureau F.D.A. It has excellent heat resistance, heat resistance up to 180 degrees, light texture, not easy to break, repeated high temperature boiling, steam sterilization.
  • Mummy milk pacifier anti-flatulence design, excellent stretch, mimic the natural elasticity of Mommy's breasts, can be free to stretch according to the baby's sucking.
  • Mummy milk pacifier is made of food grade silicone, safe and non-toxic.

Other Information:

  • Material: Bottle Body-P.E.S, Milk Mouth-Silicone., Bottle Cap-P.P.
  • Heat resistance: P.E.S: -20 ̊C ~ 180 ̊C, Silicone./ P.P.: -20 ̊C ~ 120 ̊

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