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黃色小鴨 PiyoPiyo Pacifier Clips & Holders Made in Taiwan

SKU: 830525

Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo pacifier chain easy buckle clip made in Taiwan

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Product Features:

  • With the SGS safety test, there are no metal objects to prevent your baby from being injured.
  • With SGS safety testing, it is free of lead and plasticizers.
  • Applicable to all types of pacifiers.
  • There is no metal object to prevent your baby from being injured.
Other information:
  • Item No.: 830525
  • Color : None
  • Specifications: None
  • Applicable age: None
  • When using, please put the pacifier chain on the hem, and the other side of the chain can be used with the nipple.
  • Material: ABS resin (acrylonitrile + butadiene + styrene) -20 degrees C ~ 80 degrees C
  • Size: W3.5 x L24 (cm)
  • Manufacturing date: marked in packaging
  • Validity period: ten years
  • Made in Taiwan

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