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黃色小鴨 PiyoPiyo Bedding Made in Taiwan

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Yellow Duckling PiyoPiyo Crib Seven Piece Set Taiwan Brand

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Product Features:

  • Cotton can be used in winter and summer, bed circumference, bed head protection, comfortable touch and softness
  • Using advanced printing and dyeing technology + three-dimensional embroidery design, the color is bright and beautiful, not easy to fade, it is harmless to the baby
  • Selected moisture-absorbing and breathable fabric, soft and skin-friendly, easy to clean
  • Daddy cartoon image decoration, lively and cute patterns highlight the baby's innocent and lively character
  • Quality edging process, beautiful and comfortable
  • The fixed straps for the bed and crib are durable
  • Simple and exquisite packaging, gifts can be used for your own use
Other information:
  • Size:
    • Bed circumference: long (185cm 1 , 195cm 1); high (29cm, backrest height 42cm); suitable for cots with a bed size of 70x120
    • quilt: 135 x 105 cm
    • Pillows: 35 x 25 cm (all without lace)
  • Material: Table cloth / lining: 100% cotton, Filling: 100% polyester fiber
  • Contents: dual-use + dual-use inner tube + inner pillow + bed skirt + bed cover + front bed circumference + rear bed
  • Note:
    • Cribs for 70X120CM in bedside
    • The bed circumference can be used for the front and back circumference according to the growth demand. The front cotton is thicker, softer and more protective.
    • Pillows are designed to prevent head deformation and fixed head posture.
    • Increase the winter and summer quilt of 100X130CM, extend the applicable age, the intimate inner tube corner strap fixed design, can help the novice mother to install the quilt cover and prevent the inner tube from moving
    • When washing, take care to remove the inner tube of the bed to the sun. The outer cover can be placed in a washing machine and then put into a washing machine for cleaning. The inner tube is not washable