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Philips AVENT Breast Pumps Made in China

SKU: 9083

Philips AVENT Comfort Unilateral Electric Breast Pump

Pre-ordered, available on: 2023-03-29

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Product Features:

  • The breast pump has a unique design, even if sitting straight, breast milk can flow directly from the breast into the bottle.
  • This means you can sit more comfortably while breast pumping: no need to lean forward to ensure that all breast milk flows into the bottle.
  • Comfortable sitting and feeling relaxed when sucking milk, naturally helps breast milk to flow more easily
  • When turned on, the breastpump automatically controls the milk flow in a lightly stimulating mode, then chooses the most comfortable milk flow for you from the three breast settings.
  • The delicate soft texture of the massage pad is refreshing, giving a warm feeling and helping to get milk out.
  • When breast pumping, it can mimic the baby's gentle sucking action, which stimulates milk flow.
  • The wide nipple of imitation breastmilk provides a more close-to-breast feeding experience, making it easier for your baby to adapt to both breastmilk and bottle feeding.
  • The breast pump has a small design that is easy to grip and place on the breast.
  • The basic unit is small and light, and it can be easily placed in an easy-to-reach place for breast control.
  • In order to facilitate carrying and storage, the straw is simply wrapped around the basic device, and the battery can be easily used for outing.
*This breast pump can be combined with other Philips Avent series of feeding products, including Classic bottles and breast milk storage containers. Philips Avent also offers a range of breast care accessories that help extend breastfeeding for a more comfortable fit.