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Peg-Pérego Baby Strollers Made in Italy 1 Year Warranty Age 0+


Peg-Pérego TEAM POP UP push stroller 0-4 years old

Fog Grey
Tao Red

Pre-ordered 2021-06-25

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Peg-Pérego TEAM POP UP stroller (fog/terracotta)

Product Features:

  • 100% made in Italy
  • The one-handed folding frame, TEAM POP UP can take care of 4 different stages of growth of infants to 15KG/4 years old
  • The POP UP series uses high technology combined with jersey and upholstery fabrics to make it super soft and durable
  • With the delicate lining, the touch of knit gloves is the ultimate.
  • POP UP fabric is also silky, comfortable, breathable and durable
  • Newborn-3 months: With Navetta XL / POP UP portable sleeping basket (sold separately) Become a baby basket mode, because the newborn baby sleeps 18 hours a day, the baby basket mode is the most suitable
  • Newborn-9kg: If you are a motorist, you must consider safety factors. Use SL car safety chair (sold separately), it is safer and more reliable than holding baby. SL can be directly installed on TEAM frame, convenient Use
  • 3 months to 6 months: Install the seat as a baby-facing mode for parents, add babies, interact with parents, establish relationships
  • From 6 months to -15kg/4 years old: Baby loves to explore things around, install the seat into the baby's front-facing mode, and increase the baby's external contact

Other Information:

  • Applicable from birth to 15kg (4 years old)
  • The surface of the seat fabric is treated with anti-fouling and water-repellent treatment, in accordance with EN24920 and SO4920 standards
  • There is a 5-point harness on the seat to ensure the safety of young children
  • The seat back panel can be adjusted at multiple angles, and can be flattened up to 150 degrees
  • Hand wash seat cover with 30 degrees Celsius water temperature
  • The seat can be designed separately from the frame, allowing the seat to be installed facing the parent or facing forward
  • Can be used with SL car seats (sold separately) or Navetta XL / POP UP shopping baskets (sold separately) to meet different usage needs
  • One-handed folding, you can stand alone after folding
  • After folding the frame, you can drag the mobile frame
  • The front wheel lock is located next to the frame and can be locked without over bending.
  • The cart armrests are wrapped in a comfortable and eco-friendly leather
  • Adjustable armrest height
  • The wide rut brings high stability: the front and back sill diameters are 20cm and 28cm respectively
  • The stability of the pit wheel is enhanced
  • Thirty-degree rotating front shovel and 12 sets of ball bearing ruts make driving the stroller more labor-saving and smooth
  • Each group of ruts are equipped with independent suspension function
  • Opening volume: 62cm(W) x 104cm (L) x 102cm (H)
  • Volume after folding: 62cm(W) x 79cm(H)
  • Weight: 13.8 kg
  • With extra large shopping basket, sun awning, rain cover and foot cover