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Oribel Baby Activity Toys Made in China Age 2+


Oribel Vertiplay Creative Wall Sticker Toys


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Product Features:

  • Tearable and viscous→sticked to a smooth wall or cabinet that can be displaced with the range of activities
  • Easy storage→The wall is the home of the toy, the toy is no longer scattered around the floor
  • Decoration and beautification→It is a wall sticker and a toy. It is super simple to beautify, activate and fun the living space of the baby
  • Infinite creativity → fun character design, accompanying baby to create interesting stories and memories
  • The whole collection uses high quality wood
  • Easily create fun children's rooms with new perspectives and unique interactive experiences
  • Wall stickers can be attached to most smooth surfaces at will

Other Information:

  • Oribel Music Train 2 years old or older
    • The colored orbit is a beautiful scale. The percussion track is accompanied by a melodious melody. This is a magical train from the forest. As the temperament flows, it slowly moves forward and produces a harmonious forest song. Try adjusting the screws on both sides to adjust the tone, and the color rail can also teach the baby color.
    • Developing ability: understanding color, hand-eye coordination, and developing music intelligence
  • Oribel Forest Ladder 2 years old or older

    • Mr. Carter is rushing to the forest party. The whole forest is so busy because of this year's feast. Please go and see with Mr. Carter. What adventures and adventures will be encountered on this road! Accompanied the baby to observe the design of small animals and obstacles along the way, so that the baby seems to be in the forest, a journey full of sound and thrill.
    • How to play:
    1. Slide the roller car from above along the track
    2. Which forest friends will be encountered along the way
    3. The road is so bumpy that it makes a different sound. Did you find out?
    4. There are a lot of busy little animals along the way, waiting for you to discover!
  • Development ability: causal cognition, hand-eye coordination, fine movement
  • Oribel Elk Scales over 3 years old
    • The funny elk has a pair of big antlers. Why is his antler skewed? Through the fun elk character design, let the baby try it out, how to make the weights on both sides equal, and prepare the first math and balance fun lessons for the baby.
    • How to play:
1) Adjust the distance between the two sides of the round button to see if the antlers can balance
2) Change to adjust the number of round buttons on both sides
3) Or stack the round buttons
4) Design a variety of different ways to let your baby learn during play
    • Development skills: hand-eye coordination, math and science concepts, creation and learning, problem solving
  • Oribel Bear Train 2 years old or older

    • Whether it’s sunny or rainy, Mr. Xiong always drives on time to meet the little friends in the forest. Do the babies want to help Mr. Xiong? Through the small hand to turn the gear, while driving the circular gear and the linear movement of the modeling cloud, through the speed of rotation, experience different rotation speeds, you can also observe the circular and linear motion patterns.
    • How to play?
      • Turn the handle and let the train start!
      • Check the speed of rotation, the rotation of the circular gear
      • The faster you drive, the faster the vapor rises!
      • Show more novel and fun interactive experiences for your baby through observation and operation
    • Development ability: causal cognition, fine movement, hand-eye coordination, mathematics and spatial imagination
  • Oribel jumping rabbit and good friend for more than 18 months *Includes 10 magnetic puzzles
    • This forest full of friendship is a happy big family. The jumping rabbit and his friends always jump from one tree to another. Mr. Xiong plans to visit his best friend to jump. rabbit. On the way, he met gentle squirrels and lively birds, and they decided to visit the jumping rabbits together for a pleasant journey.
    • A simple and interactive puzzle game that takes full advantage of your baby's imagination and creates different stories for each animal.
    • How to play:
      • Help small animals return to their homes
      • Follow your baby to use your imagination to create more interesting stories
    • Developing power: fine movement, creativity and imagination, shape and picture recognition
  • Oribel Magic Aquarium 3 years old or older

    • Welcome to the Magical Aquarium, the aquarium's exterior and height can be configured, and the hidden version of the sea creatures, waiting for the baby to open the submarine to explore. Are you ready to take risks together?
    • How to play?
      • Paste the background board on the wall
      • Try to put together the blocks of the same color
      • Open a submarine and look for hidden creatures in the water
      • Try it out, how can you stack the aquarium higher?
    • Developing power: hand-eye coordination, fine movement, problem solving, shape and picture recognition
  • Oribel Dream Garden 3 years old or older *Includes 27 magnetic puzzles

    • This is an interesting and interactive garden simulation game with two scenes, spring and autumn. Create your own dream garden through your baby's imagination. In addition to educational significance, it can also stimulate your baby's wonderful imagination of nature.
    • How to play?
      • Paste the background board on the wall
      • Build a small garden with magnetic puzzles
      • Magnetic puzzles can be stored in the pocket below
    • Development skills: fine movement, creativity and imagination, shape and picture recognition
  • Oribel Squirrel House (double-layer wooden masonry) 2 years old or older
    • Welcome to the Squirrel House, which has 2 floors and invite your baby to explore it layer by layer. The novel design of the two-layer puzzle stimulates the baby's rich imagination, three different scenes, colorful colors and numerous details to promote the baby's observation ability.
    • How to play?
      • Playing imagination: multiple scenarios, let your baby imagine the life of squirrels in the forest
      • Solving the problem: Jigsaw puzzles, let the baby solve the problem
      • Be careful: a detailed picture, let the baby observe and give details.
      • Patient Count: Rich Fruits, Counting Your Baby
    • Development ability:
      • Hand-eye coordination
      • fine movement
      • Creative and imaginative
      • Solve the problem