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mimos Pillows Made in Portugal

SKU: MM-001M

mimos infant 3D anti-flat head breathable mesh pillow


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Product Features:

  • Patent 3D structure, special weave, breathable and safe.
  • Soft and delicate, it can directly contact the skin of 0 to 3 years old baby.
  • Break the space limit, the volume is only A4 size
  • Professional arc groove design reduces 75% head gravity.
  • International Oeko-Tex first-level environmental certification, good peace of mind.
  • Cribs and carts can be used to take care of your baby's head.
  • The pillow core and pillowcase can be put into the washing machine for cleaning, wicking away heat, easy to wash and dry.
  • The exclusive patented arc design uses the principle of gravity to evenly disperse the weight of the baby's head and support the baby's head and neck. The experiment proves that the head pillow is 75% lighter than the average pillow.
  • 100% made of 3D fiber, using a unique weave to make a pillow full of air, which helps to quickly release the BB system when it comes to sweat and heat.
  • Products are highly recommended by local Spanish physicians, over 1,000 pediatricians and physiotherapists worldwide
  • Size: Suitable for head circumference 36~46 cm (14.2~18.1inch)
  • Medium: Suitable for head circumference 42~49 cm (16.5~19.3inch)