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meruru Contact Lens Care Kits


meruru contact lens aid Japanese brand

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Product Features:

  • It’s not easy to wear invisible, it’s easy to be unfamiliar, and it takes a while to wear it. It’s much more convenient with it!
  • If the fingernail's finger touches it, the eye will be injured and it will be congested. After the encounter with Meruru, the state of the nails is not care, and it is easy to contact!
  • After making nails, the nails are very long. After makeup, the makeup is sticky on the fingers. It is not convenient to wash your hands outdoors. Every day, there are various moments when you can't use your hands to pick up contact lenses. The texture of silicone is also very good. Very easy to be skilled.

Other Information:

  • Size:
    • Meruru suction rod length: 62mm
    • Width: 6mm
    • Sucker part: 10x7x15mm
    • Meruru clip length: 75mm
    • Width 20mm
    • Clip part diameter: 6.5mm
  • The box includes:
    • One lens stick,
    • Wear the suction stick and pick up the shelf (2 boxes in a box)
  • Material:
    • Meruru clips and tweezers: resin and polycarbonate
    • Meruru Clip: Tip Part Silicone
    • Meruru Stick: Silicone
  • Custody method:
    • Recommended to change clips and tweezers every 6 months
    • The silicone product cannot be boiled with boiling water
    • Please use the care solution + warm water to clean
    • Dry dry or dry with a paper towel