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哈皮蛙 Kaeru Toothbrushes Made in Taiwan

SKU: 530060

Happi frog Kaeru tongue cleaning brush made in Taiwan

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Product Features:

  • It can clean the tongue from the surface of the tongue by causing bad breath and bacteria derived from the tongue to keep the mouth clean and fresh. It is especially suitable for people who feel the smell of the mouth and smoke.
Other information:
  • Instructions:
    • Place the brush on your tongue and gently brush the surface of your tongue.
    • Use the clean strip on the back of the brush to scrape off the tongue against the tip of the tongue.
  • Material:
    • Swipe handle: Polypropylene (PP)-20 ̊C~120 ̊C;
    • Brush head: thermoplastic rubber (TPR)-20 ̊C~80 ̊C

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