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哈皮蛙 Kaeru Baby Bottles Made in Taiwan

SKU: 530035

Happi Frog Kaeru Standard Caliber Glass Bottle Set 2+1 Taiwanese

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Product Features:

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Glass bottle - high temperature resistant, high quality bottle that can be boiled and sterilized; even if it is heated or exposed to acid and alkali substances, it will not release harmful substances, and it will not cause environmental pollution. Please feel free to use it.
  • Double-hole nipple-standard caliber nipple is soft and flexible. When the baby sucks, the lips will naturally stand against the base of the nipple and naturally open the mouth, so that the baby's tongue and upper jaw move like the breast of the sucking mother.
  • The special double-hole design can solve the problem that the baby sucks and the nipple is flat and the sag is blocked, so that the baby can drink milk smoothly.

Product Portfolio:

  • Standard caliber glass bottle (240ml) x2
  • Standard caliber glass bottle (140ml) x1

Other Information:

  • Accessory material: standard caliber + type M hole nipple bottle body - glass -20 degrees C ~ 180 degrees C upper cover / screw teeth - polypropylene (PP) -20 degrees C ~ 120 degrees C pacifier - food grade silicone (Silicone ) -20 degrees C ~ 120 degrees C
  • Manufacturing date: marked on the package
  • Validity period: ten years

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