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哈皮蛙 Kaeru Baby Bottles Made in Taiwan

SKU: 530008

Happi Frog Kaeru Slide Cap Kettle 350ml Made in Taiwan

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Product Features:

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Sliding cup lid, straw pop-up, adjustable strap, no bisphenol A
  • Spiral of the cross-shaped incision - the nozzle is made of soft silicone material; the front end of the straw has a "Ten" shaped incision, even if it is overturned or dropped, it is not easy to leak out.
  • Sliding lid - slide the outer lid and the straw will bounce. The outer cover is integrated with the inner cover, so don't worry about losing it
  • Sipper assembly step: Insert the straw into the nozzle, slide the outer cover, align the corner of the nozzle with the chamfer of the upper cover, and insert the nozzle into the inside of the upper cover. Pull the nozzle out from the top of the inner cover (please be careful not to over-head)

Other Information:

  • Heat resistance: top cover-polycarbonate (PC) -20 degrees C~100 degrees C, main body-polypropylene (PP) -20 degrees C~100 degrees C
  • Manufacturing date: marked on the package
  • Validity period: ten years
  • Place of production: Made in Taiwan