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i-angel Baby Carriers


i-angel Josh 2 in 1 season type multi-function lumbar bench strap

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Product Information:

  • Applicable age: 3 – 36 months
  • Applicable weight: about 3.5 – 20 kg
  • Waist circumference: 72 – 112 cm
  • Accessories include: waist stool, safety nightcap and organic cotton bite pad
  • Safety Test: Pass KC Korea Certification Test
  • Made in Korea

What is the i-angel waist bench?

Korea i-angel pioneered a double-shoulder-style waist stool, where parents can move freely and reduce the load on the spine and bones. It can be used in a variety of postures such as side hug, front hug, back and forward look.

The organic cotton material used is approved by the "Global Organic Textile Standard" and the "Organic Exchange 100 Standard".

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Cleaning method:

- If there is a problem with the product due to the wrong cleaning method, it will not be accepted for replacement or replacement. Please strictly observe the following washing methods.
- Hand wash with cold water.
- The use of laundry detergents with bleaching ingredients may cause discoloration. Use a neutral detergent.
- Do not soak in water for a long time, do not wash with hot water or warm water.
- Do not cook this product.
- It will fade after drying in the sun, please dry in the shade.
- Since this product does not use dyes containing harmful components (ie, chemical materials that prevent discoloration), there will be natural discoloration after washing and drying.
- Drying procedures using a drum washing machine or clothes dryer may damage the product or deform the product. Please dry it naturally.
- Slightly stained with a wet wipe, it is recommended not to wash frequently.