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i-angel Baby Carriers


i-angel Four Seasons Animal Multifunctional Waist Stool Strap

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Product Features:

Reducing the load on the spine and pelvis of adults can effectively correct the bad posture of adults using straps or holding infants for more than 3 months!

Product Features:

  • Applicable age: 3 months baby or above
  • Load: 3.5 ~ 20kg - Adult fit waist: 72 ~ 112cm - Unique design, can effectively correct the bad posture of adults using straps or hand-holding infants, and distribute the weight of the baby on the shoulders and waist of the adult at the same time , greatly reducing the load on the spine and pelvis of adults. At the same time, the seat design also makes the baby sit comfortably, evenly distributes the weight of the baby, does not hinder the blood circulation of the baby's legs and relieves the pressure on the baby's spine - the shoulder strap and the waistband are made of high-density foam pad, which is breathable and comfortable.
  • For babies of different stages of growth
  • Can be used with a seat belt or a separate belt seat
  • Can be used in a variety of positions, such as side hug, front hug, back back or baby looking forward
  • The strap is designed for use in all seasons. Summer breathable and cool, winter straps with cover, insulation and windshield
  • The strap is attached with a detachable nightcap to secure the baby's head and prevent it from leaning back when sleeping. At the same time, it can block glare and dust for your baby.
  • 100% full fabric fabrics
  • Made in Korea

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