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Harrow Vacuums Made in China


Harrow HT-VC628 Wireless UV Dust Collector

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Product Features

  • Innovative wireless design cleans the mattress in all directions, combs ̧ furniture
  • Wireless charging design, no restrictions and convenience
  • Vertical charging stand, saving space and convenient storage
  • Visual dust bucket, visible dust mites, easy to clean
  • Patent U-shaped UV-C UV lamp, double sterilization, can eliminate mites, fungal spores and bacteria
  • Pressure roller UV safety switch to prevent UV leakage and harm the human body
  • UV-C work indicator light, showing UV working status, at a glance
  • Cyclone suction design, efficient dust mites, mites, fungal spores and bacteria
  • 6000 high frequency taps per minute, let hair, dust, mites, bacteria have nothing to do
  • Advanced stainless steel filter + Hepa filter double filter, effectively separate hair, dust, mites, and bacteria
  • Hepa filter with no dust bag, can filter 0.3 micron bacteria dust up to 99%
  • High-end lithium-ion battery, which can be used continuously for 25 minutes, and charged and discharged about 1200 times
  • International CE certification, 1 year original maintenance