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Hario Coffee Servers & Tea Pots Made in Japan


Hario glass teapot even


Pre-ordered 2021-08-25

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Product Features:

  • Original and specially designed larger and longer tea strainers
  • In order for the tea to swell, it can also be used for small servings
  • Add fruit to enjoy fruit tea
  • After removing the tea strainer, it can also be used in a microwave oven

Other Information:

  • Size: W133 × D101 × H118 (mm) / W165 × D123 × H151mm
  • Capacity:
    • Usage capacity: 360ml/700ml
    • Full capacity: 450ml/ 900ml
  • Weight (including box): About 300g
  • Materials
    • Glass pot, lid: heat resistant glass
    • Filter: Stainless Steel
  • Glass pot: Made in Japan
  • Cover, filter: Made in China
  • This product is assembled according to Japan's strict quality control standards