Ginger Heart Ginger Ginger Facial Cleanser Taiwan Brand 75ml

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Product Features:

  • Add formulas such as powdered ginger essence and amino acid surfactant.
  • Ginger cleansing ingredients with a soft, delicate foam that gently cleanses and accumulates pores.

Other Information:

  • Applicable skin type: Mild texture, suitable for general skin type.
  • Main ingredients: powdered ginger essence, amino acid surfactant, vitamin E, moisturizing ingredients and other essences.
  • Features: Add formula such as powdered ginger extract and amino acid surfactant. Soft and delicate foam, you can gently cleanse the pores of the skin and take away the old dead skin cells with 2 grains of rice at a time, so that the energy of the ginger can restore the original natural luster of the skin, so that you have a smooth and fine skin tone.
  • How to use: Take 2 grains of rice in the palm of your hand, add water and foam, apply to the entire face, then wash with water. It is especially suitable for the effect of calming the skin when the face is small and acne.
  • Precautions: Please use the skin test for the first time. If the skin is not suitable after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.
  • Storage method: Please place it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.