Comfi Four Seasons Organic Cotton Car Mat

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Product Features:

Ergonomics Average support for the body
More than 50 support points per cubic centimeter, supporting each part of the body, ergonomic
100% Breathability Safety Anti-Snoring
The Breathing Breathable Layer effectively dissipates heat and vents sweat, keeps it dry and comfortable, thus preventing problems such as sweat rash, eczema and enthusiasm
Dry and comfortable Anti-sweat rash, eczema and enthusiasm
Three-dimensional weaving technology with special "breathing breathable layer", so that the air permeability is close to 100%, it is equally safe whether you are sleeping or sleeping.
Through international safety standards
Through strict EU safety testing Oeko-Tex Standard100 and SGS certification to ensure that no allergens and hazardous chemicals are contained
Washing and quick drying Antibacterial hygiene
The material has antibacterial effect, can be directly washed and sun-dried, convenient and quick-drying, and can be kept clean and hygienic
X-90° 3D fully ventilated stereo fiber Synchronized with BB
Other Information:

Comfi Four Seasons Organic Cotton Car Mat
Item size: 71 x 36 x 2.5cm
Double fabric: 100% natural organic cotton on one side, especially for newborn or skin sensitive baby; the other side is 3D fiber mesh to keep it cool and cool
Three-dimensional cut design to enhance the protection of the head and body, comfortable and safe
suitable for all baby strollers and car seats