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Clair Wind Environmental Cleaner Korean Brand

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< /p> Product Features:

  • Korea innovative patent purification electrostatic filtration technology
  • Filter particles up to PM0.1 and 99.6%
  • Filters ultra-fine contaminants such as influenza viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, molds, allergens, VOCs (such as stupid, toluene, formaldehyde), second-hand smoke, porphyry hair, etc.
  • Applicable to different places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, clinics, nursing homes and child care centers, etc.
  • Applicable scope is about 15-20 square meters
  • Prepare for peace, energy saving and fashion features
  • 3 wind speed options and night light function (optional)
  • The filter life is about 18 months
  • Original Korea production
  • One year maintenance

Other Information:

  • Model: W1TD1866
  • Size: 236mm x 257.2mm x 311.7mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Scope: 50 square meters

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