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Bosidin Technology to blackhead cold compress care instrument British brand

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Product introduction: The traditional blackhead meter can only suck blackheads. After the skin is red, the pores will become bigger. The bosidin to blackhead cold care device is a collection of blackheads, clean pores and cold compresses. Nursing instrument that cares for pores and tightens skin. Using vacuum suction technology, the skin is lifted and massaged, and the blackheads in the pores, oil and dirt are sucked out. After the suction, cold treatment can be performed to make the temperature of the skin surface drop rapidly, and the oil phenomenon is effectively suppressed. In order to achieve the effect of reducing pores and firming the skin.

Product Features:

  • Vacuum bomb, four-speed suction adjustment
  • Cold treatment, shrinking pores immediately after sucking blackheads
  • Equipped with 3 tips for blackheads in different parts

Other Information:

  • Place of Origin: British Producer, China Production
  • Product Model: D-1121
  • Product color: ivory white
  • Charging voltage: USB charging 5V
  • Rated power: 6.5W
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Warranty: half a year

Instructions for use:

  1. Long press the power on key to turn on the power of the machine. The display shows “0000”. In standby mode, press and hold again to turn off the power.
  2. Press the “+” or “-” button to turn on the negative pressure function, which increases the suction and decreases the suction.
  3. In the standby mode, press the power on key to switch the cold load function, and the display shows “cool”.
  4. When the display shows “CHA”, it indicates that the battery low voltage needs to be charged.
  5. When charging, the red dot on the display will rotate once. If “FULL” is displayed, the battery is fully charged.

Usage steps:

  1. Hot water cleansing.
  2. Use a hot towel to heat the sputum and open the pores. (temperature is about 35~40 degrees)
  3. Drop the drop onto the cotton pad and apply it for about 3 minutes.
  4. After cleansing (small pores), gently massage until absorbed.
  5. Use ice to shrink pores and lock in moisture.
  6. You can apply a hydrating mask for daily care. (Recommended: better after bathing)


  • Big round hole tip: Features: Large suction, can be used to suck blackheads and V face. When sucking blackheads, you need to slowly move on the skin backwards. Don't suck a place all the time. When shaping the V face, you need to use the bottom-up pulling method to move slowly from the chin.
  • Small round hole tip: the characteristics of use, weak suction, can be used to suck blackheads and skin. For example, the skin is thin, tender, and allergic. If it is not suitable for too strong suction, use a small head to suck.
  • Oval hole tip: Features of use: Mainly used to wrinkle fine lines. After sucking the skin, quickly open it and repeat it many times. It can promote skin blood circulation and increase skin elasticity.
  • Cold Care Face: It is used to shrink pores and firm the skin, while locking in moisture and enhancing skin elasticity. It is used on the face and forehead, and the key parts are the nose.


  1. The skin firming function has a lifting effect, and the skin with injuries and scars is not recommended.
  2. Please do not press the beauty head on the skin, the instrument itself has a strong pulling force.
  3. Please do not overuse cold compresses. It is recommended to use 2~3 times a week.
  4. After the end of the treatment, the skin will have some irritation or redness due to the accelerated microcirculation, which is normal. It will disappear automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  5. Please do a moisturizing sunscreen after the end of the treatment.
  6. Please do not use scrubs or other exfoliating products before or after treatment.
  7. Long press the power button to turn off the screen, the display will turn off, and the fan will continue to rotate 120S to dissipate heat.
  8. Dry the water or other liquid on your hands before handling to prevent water or other liquid from entering the machine through the vent hole on the back of the machine, thus damaging the machine.

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