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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Sakura Pink Cushion Powder + Refill Singapore Brand

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Even instantly even skin tone, CC cream has good ductility, fine and non-floating powder, showing a pink and translucent effect, naturally no dead white feeling. It smoothes the pores and smoothes the pores and fine lines. It is applied to prevent oily floating powder. After use, it is bright and shiny.

- Contains Japanese natural cherry blossom extract, with high antioxidant capacity, brightens and removes yellow, improves skin dullness and roughness
- Adds vitamin C, instantly brightens dull skin, reveals natural matte finish
- High water molecules have a thin texture, replenish and lock the skin moisture and nutrients, conceal and skin care, all day water and no powder, hold makeup for 8 hours
- can be used as a barrier cream to block cosmetic stimulation and isolate air pollution For sensitive skin,

Main ingredients:

Japanese cherry blossom extract, vitamin C

After completing the basic skin care procedure, use a puff to gently press the powder core sheet. Apply a proper amount of CC cream to the puff, pat and evenly apply to the face.


15g + 15g