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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water 300ml Singapore Brand

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It is rich in trace mineral elements and a small amount of mineral elements, and the salt content is 5.5 times lower than that of similar sprays. The skin moisture is not pumped away, and the water replenishment is better. The skin pH value is 6.45, which is closer to the healthy pH value of human skin, mild. Non-irritating, it can give skin 2 times cool, soothing, soft and moisturizing. It is a multi-purpose, one-bore multi-effect biological spray. It is tested by dermatology and suitable for sensitive skin.

Face: Controls oil, pores, bright skin, soothes skin, tightens skin, elasticity, makeup before and after use, long-lasting natural makeup, moisturizing skin, post-operative skin care

Hair: Moisturize and make your hair shiny, avoid dry separation

Body: Replenish skin moisture after exercise, soothe skin, moisturize and cool skin under the sun, ideal skin care products for baby, soothe baby's skin discomfort

Main ingredients:

Bio Water Bio Water

Approximately 20 cm away from the skin, apply a proper amount to the skin, and then pat until absorbed for a few seconds. The spray is dense and dense, covering every inch of the skin in a large area.