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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence New ATP+RJ Deep Exfoliating Youth Contains Royal Jelly and ATP Singapore Brand

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is rich in bio-energy liquid, bioflavonoid extract, royal jelly, ATP and a variety of precious herbal ingredients such as angelica and medlar. A gentle ingredient that effectively eliminates old dead skin cells and provides a variety of precious herbal extracts to nourish and refine skin, leaving skin smooth and fair. After the old dead skin cells are removed, it can help the subsequent skin care products to be absorbed by the skin, making the makeup easier and the makeup feeling lasting and natural.

- Zero matte particle gel, mild and non-irritating
- Instant softening deep old dead skin cells
- Gentle and painless removal of dead skin and blackheads
- Daily cleansing before peeling, lifting skin Subsequent absorption of skin care products
- Royal Jelly deep moisturizing, no moisture, maintain moist and delicate skin
- Smooth and rough skin, improve skin texture
- Fine pores, white smooth, bright makeup More natural

Main ingredients:

King Royal Jelly, ATP, Bioenergy Liquid, Bioflavonoid Essence and Bio Rice Valley Essence

In the dry state of the face, apply a proper amount to the face and neck, and gently circle for a while until the particles appear, wash with water, and then clean with a cleansing cream.