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Bio-Essence Bird's Nest Peptide Microcapsule Cream Singapore Brand

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Contains high concentration of bird's nest essence and microcapsule essence, so that the skin can feel the moisturizing degree of the cream and the moisturizing essence. It is rich in extracts and collagen microcapsules to nourish the skin, moisturizing and firming. Adds an energy-revitalizing peptide that has the ultimate skin lightening effect, which improves skin's suppleness, whiter and brighter.

- Moisturizing cream rich in high-concentration essence, light and easy to push, easy to absorb
- Highly moisturizing, restores soft skin
- Bird's nest essence effectively moisturizes skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
- A large number of microcapsule extracts release high-concentration extracts and collagen to keep skin moisturized
- The ultimate brightening effect of energy-growth peptide, which can improve skin and effectively brighten whitening
- Refreshing, non-sticky, fast-absorbing, all-weather, powerful and moisturizing

Main ingredients:

Bird's Nest Essence, Energy Whitening Peptide, Microcapsule Essence, Amino Acids and Collagen

Take an appropriate amount of cream and massage gently on the face and neck until fully absorbed. It works better with the bird's nest peptide series.