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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bio-White Ultra Brightening 30ml Singapore Brand

Pre-ordered 2020-12-03

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Effectively fights melanin precipitation and diminishes deep stubborn spots, fights melanin, improves dull and dull skin, and achieves a more whitening and flawless skin.

  • Add a unique formula BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM to help the Camellia extract, arbutin, tranexamic acid and Tanaka bark extract penetrate the skin quickly and make the skin translucent and shiny
  • Adding White Plus Complex, a high-efficiency whitening complex from Japan and South Korea, quickly disintegrates melanin, diminishes stubborn spots and prevents pigmentation, and whitens skin from the underlying layer
  • A gentle and powerful formula to improve uneven skin tone and sallow sallow, strengthen skin's translucency
  • Excellent moisturizing factor helps the skin to lock in moisture for a long time, keeps it fresh and moist, and creates a flawless skin.

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM and Camellia Extract

After using the lotion in the morning and evening, apply a proper amount to the face and neck and gently massage until fully absorbed. It is suitable for all skin types.


30 ml

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