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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bio-Water Soothing Vitamin B5 Stock 30ml Singapore Brand

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The skin is dry and dehydrated or acne acne is a sign that the skin's natural barrier is weakened, making the skin sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to fully moisturize and strengthen the skin, maintain a state of water and oil balance, and effectively relieve skin discomfort.

Super moisturizing
  • Add BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM to enhance skin's self-repair and renewal ability, activate skin and absorb trace minerals, and soothe moisturizing
  • High concentration of 5% Vitamin B5 is an effective concentration for sensitive muscles. Combined with hyaluronic acid, it can effectively penetrate the muscles to increase the moisture content of the skin, fill the dry lines and increase the elasticity, and create a comfortable and tender skin.
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Smooth rough
  • Relieve the unstable skin and repair dry, rough, peeling and other skin problems. The test confirmed that the skin is smooth and smooth at 12.3%
  • Injection of high-concentration vitamin B5 moisturizing factor to instantly hydrate and soften skin, relieve skin dryness
  • After dermatological tests, sensitive muscles are applied, and effective symptoms are reduced by 42%
Instant repair
  • Innovatively repairs damaged skin up to 56%#, maintains skin's natural barrier health
  • Enhance skin's defense, effectively resist external environmental damage, promote skin's effective retention of moisture, and reduce redness and sensitivity

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM, Bioenergy Water and Micelle Molecules

Use twice a day. After cleansing and lotion, apply an appropriate amount to the face and gently massage the face and neck in a circular motion until completely absorbed.


30 ml

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