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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bio-VLift Anti-Aging Firming Cream Strengthens Firming Moisture 40g Singapore Brand

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The unique formula BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM activates the skin, energizes and energizes the skin, and fully absorbs the black orchid essence and royal jelly, combined with the biological firming essence to maintain skin elasticity, and moisturize and nourish. Instantly raise the outline.

  • Relieve wrinkles on the forehead
  • Dampening eyebrow wrinkles
  • Fade neckline
  • Improve double chin
  • Reinforces skin, lifts facial contours and reduces sagging
  • Lighten fine lines, wrinkles and dry lines
  • Smooth fine lines on both sides of the nose and around the lips
  • The royal jelly extract, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Fine pores and skin

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM, Royal Jelly and Black Orchid Extract

Use it every morning and evening after basic cleaning and maintenance. Apply a proper amount to the face and neck with a lifting gesture until it is completely absorbed. It can be used as a general moisturizer.


40 g

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