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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Gold Extract Rose Gold Serum 100ml Singapore Brand

Pre-ordered 2020-12-11

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Strengthen the skin's defense against environmental damage. Natural moisturizing ingredients can penetrate the bottom layer of the skin to replenish water and fine pores. It is effective against the aging, preventing the first lines from appearing, making the skin as soft and soft as rose petals. .

  • Add a unique formula BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM Bio-EnergyTM to help 24K BIO Gold and Japanese precious rose essence penetrate the muscles quickly and prevent the first fine lines from being produced
  • Japan's precious rose essence is highly effective in hydrating and locking water, filling dry lines, all-weather moisturizing, and healthy skin.
  • Add kumquat extract to fine-tune pores and balance water and oil, smooth and delicate skin
  • Build a healthy muscle base, fully absorb the active ingredients, and leave your skin soft and full.

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM, 24K BIO Gold and Japanese Precious Rose Extract

Use twice a day in the morning and evening. After cleansing, pour the appropriate amount into the palm and gently massage on the face until it is completely absorbed. Suitable for all skin types.


100 ml

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