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男爵小狗 Baron Puppy Nursing Pillows


Baron Puppy Baron Puppy Multi-Personal Breastfeeding Pillow


Pre-ordered 2021-01-26

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Product Features:

  • Three-dimensional cut design that conforms to the human body curve.
  • It is made of terry cloth, which is soft and sweaty.
  • The rope design can be adjusted according to individual needs.
  • Removable outer pillowcase for easy cleaning.
Other information:
  • Size: W 24 X L155 cm
  • Material: Table: 80% cotton 20% polyester fiber: 65% cotton 35% polyester fiber Filling: 100% polyester fiber
  • A variety of instructions
    1. Breastfeeding pillow: can reduce the burden on the shoulders and arms.
    2. Pain relief pad: After the pillow is tied flat and seated, it can avoid pressing to the postpartum wound.
    3. Side sleeping pillow: straighten and hug, help pregnant mommy sleep well.
    4. Fixed pillow: Let the baby lie down and avoid leaning back or side down.
    5. Backrest pressure pillow: can fill the distance between Mommy's back and the seat, reducing back discomfort.
    6. Comfortable sleep pillow: Put the pillow under the head, the appropriate softness can make Mommy sleep comfortably.
    7. Hug pillow: embracing the breast pillow while sitting, can increase the warmth.
    8. Foot pad: Put your pillow under your feet to help reduce foot pressure.
    9. Shoulder and neck warm pillow: The pillow can be wrapped around the neck to help keep the neck warm.