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Babymate Baby Monitors Made in Taiwan

SKU: BM-007B

Babymate Multifunction Bluetooth Wireless Tracker

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Product Features:

Warning and prevention of loss
  • When your iKids Tracker and smart device leave more than 2-15 meters, iKids Tracker and smart device will beep. If you go back to the alarm range, the alarm will stop.
Call notification
  • When your smart device has an incoming call, iKids Tracker will also receive the message at the same time, and beep and the LED flashes to remind you.
Wireless remote control camera
  • You can easily take a photo by simply pressing the camera button on iKids Tracker.
Map positioning
  • When iKids Tracker detects that the signal has disappeared, the smart device will automatically record the location of the disconnection. The map status system generates positioning via GPS and Google Map. It is also possible to position the stationary object, such as the parking position of the car, for easy searching.
Synchronous monitoring of multiple devices
  • Download the app "iStuffFinder" allows you to monitor 4 devices simultaneously, such as keys, children, pets or cars.

Other Information:

  • Smart Device Specifications
  • iOS 6.0 or above
  • Android 4.3 or above,
  • To have Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 specifications