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Babymate Household Thermometers Made in Germany

SKU: BM-024

Babymate ear temperature and temperature dual temperature thermometer

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Product Features:

  • Combines the two methods of ear detection and forehead detection
  • Using German probes (sensors)-----the accuracy is +/-0.1C
  • The difference between ear temperature and forehead temperature is less than 0.3C (because the temperature probe is very precise, the mood of the person being measured will affect the error, so when the ear temperature and the temperature are crossed, the person to be measured should be in a calm mood. Measure the exact temperature)
  • LED display, allowing users to see clearly in the dark
  • The measured temperature range is 34C~42C, <34C ---->Show LO, >42C ---->Show HI, so you can also measure milk temperature in the frontal temperature mode
  • The BiBiBi-BiBiBi alarm sound will be used when the temperature exceeds 38C. It is reminded that there is a possibility of fever. Please seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Using the latest 9-channel 3D measurement technology, accurate temperature can be measured at any angle into the ear canal.
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit can be converted
  • Certified by Medical Medical CE
  • Each measurement must confirm that the front probe is kept clean to measure the exact temperature