Baby Tula Free to Grow Full Stage Baby Carrier American Brand

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Product Features:

  • Baby Tula's full-stage baby carrier makes it easy for users to transition every stage. The high-quality, easy-to-use, stylishly designed harness can comfortably carry 7 to 45 pounds of baby without the need for a baby carrier. At the same time, you can enjoy a variety of ergonomic backpack postures, adjustable back panel adjustable width and height to adapt to all stages of the baby, plus fully adjustable shoulder straps and belts to provide users with the best comfort.
  • Innovative body panels
    • Three width settings and two height settings are available for ergonomic posture in newborns, infants, and early childhood stages
  • Double adjustment padded shoulder strap
    • Provides optimal comfort for the neck and shoulders and allows the wearer to adjust quickly and easily
  • Breathable lightweight twill
    • Handmade 100% OEKO-TEX® Standard Environmental Textile Standard 100 Canvas
  • Multiple ergonomic postures
    • Back and front options for a natural, ergonomic posture. Keep it comfortable even when worn for a long time, while promoting the healthy development of your baby's buttocks and spine
  • Wide upholstery belt
    • Provides superior comfort, even weight distribution, and a large front pocket
  • Left cushions
    • Let the wearer stay longer to keep your baby comfortable
  • Easy to adjust design
    • It can also be used from infant to toddler. The basic strap is suitable for 15-45-pound babies, and the toddler strap is suitable for 25-60 lbs. The basic strap can be used with Tula baby pads for newborns
  • Strap and hood match
    • Twill strap with a removable hood. Supports the head while the baby is sleeping, shielding the sun when out and providing additional shelter when breastfeeding.

Other Information:

  • Baby strap size: According to the snap setting, the seat panel width can be adjusted from 5inch to 15inch; according to the panel height adjuster, the height can be adjusted from 11inch to 17inch
  • Lace size: 5 inches (height), 27 inches (wide) Extra stretched webbing is about 30 inches (the total length of the waist is about 57 inches)
  • Strap weight: 1.7 pounds